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Mission & Values

On paper, MacKinnon exists to do the things our business does—including sell and service forklifts and construction equipment. However we've always been more than that—and in our hearts, we exist to serve our customer. Every person we work with has a unique story. We're proud to be a part of each business, warehouse or building that our customers create.

We believe:

  • That the customer always comes first.
  • In conducting business the right way.
  • That everything we offer should be world-class.

Our Team

Our team at MacKinnon is the best there is. Every employee embodies our belief in putting the customer first—and is well-trained and helpful. Whether you're visiting in Tifton, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa or Fort Myers, our world-class team is here for you.

  • Extremely well-trained
  • Always customer-first
  • The best in the industry

Our History

MacKinnon started in 1982 when Sandy MacKinnon combined his 18 years of sales experience at Yale, the manufacturer, and a lifelong dream of owning his own dealership into a reality. Our first locations were in Tampa and Orlando and MacKinnon's believe in putting the customer first made us a hit in the industry. We continued to grow, adding our Jacksonville location in 1995, our Tifton location in 2005 and our Fort Myers location in 2013—and we're excited to keep going.

  • At MacKinnon, we're proud of our highly-trained, customer-first team of professionals.

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