May 21, 2020

MacKinnon Equipment & Services Transitions To Briggs Equipment

As you may be aware, Briggs Equipment purchased MacKinnon Equipment and Services in 2017 and has been providing you service through all of the MacKinnon locations since. We are excited to announce that this year we will be consolidating locations, and support functions, to improve efficiency and deliver a more cohesive customer experience. As part of this consolidation effort we will be moving forward under one brand – Briggs Equipment.

This month notices will be provided in statements providing information on this change and in June you will begin to see changes to our web sites and social media channels. Beginning July 1, 2020, statements and invoices will begin to be sent under the Briggs Equipment logo and web sites will be officially transitioned to We are confident you will enjoy the new features on the site, which include new and used equipment inventory and local branch information.

While we are very excited to have a unified presence in the market, we will be making this a rolling transition, meaning we are not going to rewrap all trucks or rebrand existing facilities immediately, but will begin to communicate with you as Briggs Equipment. So you may still see technicians in MacKinnon vehicles and uniforms at your locations. We thank you for your understanding during this transition phase.

Thank you again for being a valued customer of MacKinnon Equipment & Services, now Briggs Equipment. We look forward to providing you exceptional service. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please reach out to your local sales representative.
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