Combining low ownership costs and superior strength with exceptional serviceability, comfort and safety, the JCB 3CX is the ultimate entry-level machine from the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer. Productivity, performance and efficiency are all class-leading; add a versatility-enhancing options list and comprehensive warranty packages, and the 3CX really is the best value backhoe for the farm.

Try one and you’ll soon see why JCB is the backhoe market leader in 78 countries, making just under half of all backhoe loaders sold in the world today.


To guarantee ultimate performance in all conditions, the 3CX backhoe is equipped with 4WD as standard and a limited slip differential to ensure traction in the toughest conditions. 2WD can always be selected to reduce tire wear during road travel.

Because the boom and dipper are of equal length, it allows the operator to dig close up to the machine. This means less repositioning during use, saving valuable time and fuel.

This backhoe excels in both uneven terrain and confined spaces thanks to a winning combination of high ground clearance and an excellent turning radius.

Load retention is exceptional with the JCB 3CX’s 201° bucket rotation. Furthermore there’s a powerful slew to ensure fast and controllable backfilling.

The JCB is the only machine in its class to offer true self leveling on raise and lower of the loader arms as standard. This provides fast and accurate movement of palletized loads and maximizes loads when using a bucket.

You can easily operate power-hungry attachments and implements with a JCB 3CX, courtesy of a high performance 32.5 g/min hydraulic pump.

Loader float as standard allows the operator to quickly and easily grade with the front bucket. Leaving sites flat and level every time.

With up to 40% greater breakout forces than competitive models, the 3CX is the most productive low cost, machine available.


All of the JCB 3CX’s daily checks and routine servicing can be done from one side of the machine. Important service items are grouped, too, for improved access and improved productivity.

The hood on this JCB backhoe loader is a one-piece unit, and opens easily without having to remove extra panels. Battery access is excellent, positioned at the front of the machine behind a locked grill to give quick, easy access.

Greasing and refueling can both be done from ground level, making them easy and safe tasks to carry out on a JCB 3CX. The hydraulic tank is mounted outboard for similarly easy access.
There’s no time-consuming dust bowl or pre-cleaner to maintain on this backhoe, saving precious operator time and improving forward visibility. What’s more, our scavenge design discharges dirt from the exhaust to extend air filter life.

We’ve fitted additional fuel filtration on this backhoe loader to reduce dirt in fluids and prevent blockages.

Hydraulic hoses all meet at the bulkhead manifold, meaning that replacement is straightforward.


To create the perfect working environment for operators – and, in turn, improve productivity choose our air conditioning package.

This JCB backhoe loader comes with a choice of a canopy or a cab; our cabs are pressurized to ensure a clean and controlled working environment.

There’s a 12V power source in the cab so that operators can charge phones and use various accessories.

Our suspension seat with armrests comes as standard equipment, providing backhoe operators with improved comfort and reduced fatigue for longer working hours.

There’s plenty of storage on this backhoe loader, with work tools easy to accommodate even if you choose the canopy option.

Operating the 3CX is straight forward; the traditional manual control system is easy and comfortable to operate.

Save time by quickly returning shovel to the digging position, reducing cycle times for extra productivity.


Getting in and out of a JCB 3CX is easy and safe via large, open-grill anti-slip steps that prevent material build-up. There are three points of contact available at all times when entering and exiting the machine.

With a laminated front screen and toughened glass everywhere else, operator safety is optimized. If a piece of glass does need replacing, this can be done quickly and easily to minimize downtime.

The rear boom lock ensures safety during road travel. The cable operated boom lock stops removable pins from being lost.

In a JCB 3CX, operators sit higher up than in most construction machinery. This viewpoint provides excellent visibility through 360° of the backhoe loader’s working area.

A lockable front grill safeguards the battery and isolator, eliminating potentially costly theft-related downtime.