At TICO, we know your business runs 24/7 in the real world and that maximum uptime is one of the most important benefits of any tool. Our Pro-Spotters have dozens of standard features that keep the products moving more cost-effectively, that are only add-on cost options at our competitors. Here are some examples:

Our larger, standard 65 gallon fuel tanks are simple, common sense tools that will save you dollars on fuel delivery costs, and/or downtime with fewer stops to refuel.

TICO Pro-Spotters have an automatic open-close (air operated) rear door as Standard Equipment. The Pro-Spotter automatic door:

  • Is simple and fast to operate, thereby increasing productivity with the dozens of door operations per hour in your real world business.
  • Provides convenient, direct dash activation that reduces turning and twisting while opening the door, versus other manufacturers low door handle position.

Equipment Features

  • Cab Inset for Protection, Long Life & Resale Value
  • Full Vision Rear Door with Ground-to-Sky Visibility
  • Large Cab Interior Room
  • Exclusive Vibration Cancellation Power-Train Torque Cradle
  • Optional Rear 72" Door

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