At TICO, we know your business runs 24/7 in the real world and that maximum uptime is one of the most important benefits of any tool. Our Pro-Spotters have dozens of standard features that keep the products moving more cost-effectively, that are only add-on cost options at our competitors.

Our larger, standard 65 gallon fuel tanks are simple, common sense tools that will save you dollars on fuel delivery costs, and/or downtime with fewer stops to refuel.

Our TICO team stands behind every Pro-Spotter we build, and each one is designed to help your business grow.

  • Maximizing Asset Utilization & Tractor Performance
  • Generating Low Life-Cycle Costs
  • Providing Production Customization for Applications Which Meet Your Needs

Equipment Features

  • Designed to be maintained and repaired by real world maintenance teams, not rocket scientists
  • Automatic open-close (air operated) rear door as Standard Equipment
  • Built on modular platforms to make sure most systems/parts can be removed and replaced in minutes, not hours or days

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