Yale is one of the oldest manufacturers of lift trucks in the world—more than 137 years of proven work.

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Well known worldwide, JCB Equipment has a facility—and plenty of machines—on four different continents.

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Factory Cat

Factory Cat's battery powered floor cleaning equipment combines high performance and exceptional maneuverability.

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Sellick is an American equipment manufacturer with more than 11,000 machines out there in the field.

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Strong and versatile, ASVs loaders are considered legendary for good reason.

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Princeton Delivery Systems

Princeton Delivery Systems is a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted forklift products.

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Providing exceptional quality at an affordable price, UTILEV lift trucks are easy to operate, cost-effective to maintain, and reliable.

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Since 1966, Genie Lifts will get you up there—like magic.

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The original manufacturer of terminal tractors, Kalmar Ottawa has set the standard for trailer moving solutions. Learn More


Taylor Dunn has built industrial and commercial machinery for more than 60 years that's always reliable and efficient. Learn More

MacKinnon: Your Georgia and Florida Construction Dealer

At MacKinnon Equipment & Services, we have enough experience to not only recognize, but also understand what makes a manufacturer brand excellent. Whether it's ASV, JCB, Genie, Taylor Dunn, Yale, Sellick or TICO—every manufacturer we carry brings something unique to the table. Not only that, but they all keep their quality shockingly high.

Across each of our five locations in Florida and Georgia, we believe in every piece of machinery we sell. It's why we only work with and offer manufacturers we know well and can stand behind.

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