Tailored for Your Fleet

With more than 30 years of experience at MacKinnon, we know what it takes to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency—from forklifts to scissor lifts. We don't believe that one size ever fits every business. Each of MacKinnon's fleet management clients gets a completely unique experience that works best with their needs.

No Maintenance Worries

Stop worrying about the logistics of servicing and maintaining your fleet. MacKinnon's fleet management service the most proactive way to keep all of your equipment in action at all times.

Improve Efficiency

The wrong equipment—or machinery that's out of commission—can slow your business down or put you on pause completely. Let us help you maximize your operational efficiency and make your business or your job better than ever.

Service Department Specials

  1. FREE pickup/delivery & steam cleaning w/200 point inspection
  2. FREE 200 point inspection w/NEW operational maintenance agreements
  3. DISCOUNT on rentals while your equipment is repaired
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