OHSA Training

Because you should be most comfortable where you will be working, our courses can come to you. You'll spend time in class, take tests and by the end you will be fully OSHA certified. Since you learned on it, you will know your equipment and facility better than ever.

Group Training

We also offer group training at each of our five MacKinnon Equipment & Services facilities. This is a lower-cost option and it comes with the benefit of being surrounded by others learning as well. You'll learn everything down to the last detail and come out at the end with your OSHA certificate.

Instructor Training

Beyond learning to use a forklift, we offer courses to become a safety instructor. Only for experienced operators, it's just three hours to the knowledge you need to become a safety instructor for your business or facility.

Service Department Specials

  1. FREE pickup/delivery & steam cleaning w/200 point inspection
  2. FREE 200 point inspection w/NEW operational maintenance agreements
  3. DISCOUNT on rentals while your equipment is repaired
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