World-class Techs

We're proud of our team of techs. Across all five of our locations, MacKinnon prides itself on having the most highly trained and intelligent techs in the industry. Our service turnover time is top-notch and we are always striving to improve it. It's frustrating when your equipment doesn't work like it should and MacKinnon wants to minimize your downtime.


Bargain-basement or budget repair services can be a danger to your business and your employees. If a piece of heavy machinery is not repaired correctly it is a hazard, hands down. We're certified in every aspect of repair and we take safety in repairs incredibly seriously at MacKinnon. We do it the right way no matter what.


While we offer the highest knowledge and skill when it comes to repairs, MacKinnon also makes an effort to keep our pricing competitive and in line with the rest of the industry. One more way you don't need to worry or shop around when getting your equipment serviced.

Service Department Specials

  1. FREE pickup/delivery & steam cleaning w/200 point inspection
  2. FREE 200 point inspection w/NEW operational maintenance agreements
  3. DISCOUNT on rentals while your equipment is repaired
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